Lego City 7696 – Commuter Jet

The little air taxi is a 2011’s promotional set and is a good addition to the airport. With more than hundred pieces and a couple of mini-figures (a pilot and a passenger with a suit case) this plane,  is very easy and fast to build, and surely will delight the children because of its size (only four dots of width).

Its structure could not be simpler: a long piece is the base of the plain. The cabin is small but has everything. A nice seat and the flight instruments are the available features in the cabin, which in my opinion are enough for this plane’s size. The nose and the windshield are very aerodynamic which give the plain a nice front design.Behind the cockpit, there is not too much room. Only a single passenger and its luggage are enough to fill the space. There are windows all around the plane but its the left side  opens together with the roof (with the help of a couple of technical pieces) in order to access the plain interior giving the set a touch of playability. Otherwise it would be harder to seat the passenger and the pilot in their places.The engines are quite simple (only two pieces are necessary for each of the two) but the final result is quite good. Curiously, the wings are not a single part (that is unusual especially in bigger models) and each one is composed by two pieces and their join is reinforced through a couple of another blue ones. Below, three simple wheels compose the landing gear.

Overall is a nice small plain for a decent price. If necessary the instructions’ guide can be found in the following link:

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