Lego City 7686 – Helicopter Transporter

The Helicopter Transporter is a 2009’s set and is surely a good addition to the town. However you will have to be careful in the curves, because the trailer is very long. It will not through them, especially if there are other vehicles or obstacles near by. It has almost four hundred pieces and three mini-figures which are welcome to the collection.

The truck has a classic american look and it is different from the usual. The cab is built separately from the chassis and has plenty of space. It has a seat for the driver, a good old red cup of coffee and two side doors. This time, the engine is not imagination, it exists and it has even a hood which opens through a couple of technical pieces, which is a unusual and interesting feature.The attaching mechanism of the trailer is the usual one, and the roof has a windbreaker in order to increase the aerodynamic. But the details don’t stop hare. There are also two big fuel tanks and at the back of the truck there are also two big exhaust pipes that are common in this type of vehicles.The trailer, as exposed, is very long. It is basically a single piece, lowered in the middle, where the heli is transported. Here, there is also a central block that helps the heli to be balanced very time the truck kicks off. In the front, there is a big store compartment with two side doors and four clips to hold the tools.The helicopter has a considerable size that makes me wonder that this truck can transport other types of vehicles. The cockpit is small but cute with two small control handles and a tipper windshield. The heli has also space for two small storage boxes, a surveillance camera and a spotlight at the front.The bike is equal to the usual police motos, but the orange makes it look different. Moreover, the all set is different because the orange predominates and gives a different tone to the city. With plenty of playability it is easy to find it in the internet. Forty dollars should reach to buy it. The instructions can be found in here:

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