Lego City 7641 – City Corner

The City Corner is one of the most interesting sets that were released in the last years. It is a must for any town and it has a huge playability. With almost five hundred pieces, five mini-figures, a yellow bus, two buildings and a small bus stop, plenty of features and accessories, it has everything for many hours of fun.

Starting by the two houses, they are a nice pizza restaurant and a bicycle shop. The shop has only the ground floor. With nice publicity outdoors, inside there is room for some products exposition such as some heats and a skate. On the other hand the shop has also a small workshop where bicycles can be easily fixed.The restaurant has three floors! The ground floor is basically the kitchen with the electric oven and a balcony with a small register. The balcony suggests that beside the table service, the restaurant has also take-away. The oven has a glass door and a side handle which are very nice details. Talking about these, the pizza is also very realistic as well as the paddle.In the first floor we have the restaurant properly. It has two tables, two couples of chairs and two glasses. It is quite nice but being perfectionist, where is the space for the pizza? Lastly the second floor is just an empty penthouse that is the base of the roof. Globally these two building are an excellent added value to any town, because they are simply different and have many fun details.Now, the Bus. It has a simple but long structure and aesthetically its lines are completely straight. It has two doors, and in my opinion they should open in a sliding way. I know that it might be difficult but these ones look like house doors. That is a big detail that was not changed also in the recent 8404 bus.Doors apart, the bus has six seats including the driver, which has a lowered chair for a better driving position. There is glass windows everywhere, even at the back and the roof can be easily removed anytime the passengers need to seat in the bus.Overall it is a nice vehicle with a huge playability.Finally the small bus stop. It has a long seat with a porch above it and three or four nice accessories: a garbage can, some flowers, a street lamp and an emergency water pump. A final word to the mini-figures, that are definitely a good addition to the collection. If necessary, the instruction can be found right here:

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