Lego City 7638 – Tow Truck

The Tow Truck is a 2009’s truck and is a nice addition to the town. If you have the Garage (7642), this set will be absolutely indispensable. With hundred and twenty nine pieces and a mini-figure, this set is huge in terms of playability because its hook has plenty of capacities for support and tow city vehicles.

The Truck has an ordinary structure but the base is a single plate instead of other vehicles that combine a couple or more pieces. The cabin has plenty of space for the driver, a decent seat and some orange side doors. And the usual red cup is also present. Besides the doors, the roof is also easily removable for a better access to the cabin.The mechanic has plenty of tools at his disposal, and they can be stored in center clips. Be careful not to loose them because they easily fall from the truck. The tools are spanners, a saw, a walkie-talkie and even an ax. Besides that, two cones with some lights one it are also present to mark the accident and they can be stored on two side compartments.The hook’s structure is well attached to the truck (much better than the 7642 big truck…) and a couple of technical pieces ensure the mechanism up and down. The hook it self is stuck by a usual black line and a side lever allows the mechanic to raise the towed vehicle to the desires height. When it’s done, the track can pull and both vehicles will move easily.Finally if you like, you have stickers to give the final touch to the truck. Personally I don’t like them. The mini-figure is a typical mechanic that fits well in the set. Presently, it is not easy to find in the stores but if you don’t have it,you should try to by it in the internet. Definitely it is a good addition to the town. If necessary, the instructions can be found in LEGO’s Web site:

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