Lego City 7635 – 4WD with Horse Trailer

The 4WD Jeep with a horse trailer is a 2009’s set but is still current. It has more than one hundred and seventy pieces, two mini-figures and a horse. It is a nice set for any town because besides its playability, the jeep was inspired in a land rover jeep and the can tow plenty of city trailers. The horse is also quite nice and fits well in many places.

As I said, the jeep is a Land Rover’s model, it has a simple structure with average size pieces (the jeep is also not too big) and the cockpit has room for the two passengers. There is glass all around the vehicle and the roof is composed by two different pieces in order to give a better access to the inside. This model is actually very simple and easy to build, and it has some nice details such as the roof bars and the small but different rear glasses. The trailer is also well designed and the big round pieces stand out from all the other ones. The chassis is long and simple with an attaching piece in the front and some technical pieces at the back which will be the base of a tipper door. Through it the horse will easily enter in the trailer. Above it, five big white pieces will be the body of the trailer. The brown horse is nice, it has a cell for the horseman and every time the cell is taken from the animal, an alternative brown piece can substitute it, giving the horse a better realism. There is also a race barrier for the trains and when inside the trailer, the animal remains standing with or without the barrier. This nice camp’s set is hard to find on stores but surely worth the price. The playability is huge, and it’s hard to find a vehicle so close to reality such as this Land Rover. If necessary, the instructions can be found right here:4WD and Trailer

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