Lego City 7631 – Dump Truck

The Dump Truck is a 2009’s construction set. It is a must in any town whether you have more construction sets or not. It has one mini-figure (it should be two, but three years ago that was the tendency…), almost two hundred pieces and some tools and accessories for the worker. An ordinary worker, I would say!

The truck has a rude and strange design, typical of this kind of vehicles. But the final result is very good. It is rather high with big wheels and at the rear a tipper bed where big rocks (which are present in the set) can be loaded and unloaded from any kind of work on the road. The sign it, there is a traffic sign, two road light signs and some barriers that will ensure that all the other city vehicles view the works at time. The chassis of the truck is different from all other vehicles. At the front there is only a single wheel axe, the attaching mechanism although old, reveals strength and efficiency. The Truck’s cab is small, but has room for a decent seat and a red steering wheel. It has no kind of doors and the roof is easily removable to increase the set’s playability. A final note for the rear mirrors. They are different from all the other city vehicles.  The dumping process is made with some symmetric technique pieces witch hold very well the tipper bed. This one is built separately and attached to the truck in the end. It is made with some round, long and unique pieces witch are attached in the flat bed through another technique small pieces, at both sides. A couple of stickers give the truck the final touch. This set is hard to find in stores but surely worth to be searched in the net. For about twenty dollars you should get it. Although its age it is still current, because no more constructions sets have been releases since then. If necessary the instructions can be found the Lego’s web page:

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