Lego City 7498 – Police Station

The Police Station is the most sold set in 2011, in the all world. This is simply amazing and truly respectable. If you find a small defect, it will surely be hidden by the so many features, vehicles, and hours of fun that this set has. With almost eight hundred pieces it is perhaps is most important set in any town. Moreover, the towns are not the same without it.

I can’t really say which one is the best, if this or the previous 7743 Police Headquarters. The big difference that I find in its structure is perhaps the cozy courtyard with the two barriers that this new one doesn’t have, but this point does not make them better or worst, just different.Let’s have a look at the headquarters building. In the ground floor, we have the reception desk and behind there is a surveillance room with four wall monitors. There are windows everywhere and no kind of wall at the back to increase the playability. The first floor is an interrogation room with a powerful spot light and a desk with a computer at a corner. It is nice but until now, the floors could be better fulfilled.

The second floor is the office properly. It has two desks with lamps and a nice water and coffee machines. The desks have different kinds of color pieces, which is a Lego’s tendency. Finally in the roof there is the heliport’s platform with a nice Yellow “H” and a couple of antennas are also present and I must say that the set deserved its own helicopter. Surely would increase the cost, but is almost the same that buying the airport with no plain. Finally, in the outside, there is a nice street lamp, a bush and some flowers.The garages are similar to the previous 7743 with the advantage that they can accommodate two vehicles of a bigger size because there is no kind of walls at the back. At the right, there is the small dog kennel with a glass doors (what a luxury!!) and some food for the animal.At the left, there are the stairs for the jails, which are in the first floor. And they surely have many nice details. They are symmetric, separated with a grid, and they have two beds with two hidden crowbars, the prisoners will surely break the doors with it. At a corner there are some police accessories such has handcrafts, a mega-phone and a blue paddle.In order to provide the all structure a perfect balance and strength, the building has several attaching points: a couple of technical pieces not only in the ground floor but also in the first floor and finally all across the edges of the gray plates, which simultaneously makes the roll of a sidewalk.The police vehicles are similar to may others, with plenty of emergency lights and stickers, the smallest one has even a small trunk made with the back windshield and the bigger one looks like more with a small all road vehicle. This one has the usual cab with side doors and a removable roof, and at the back, there is a glassed trunk with a tipper door.Globally, as I said in the beginning, this set is a must and surely deserves the effort to be bought. For around hundred dollars you will surely not miss it. The instructions, if necessary, can be found right here:

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  1. I purchased the lego city police station 7498 fit my son. However, he has explained to me that the instructions for the office was missing. Therefore he is unable to build it. Can anyone help please.

    • Hello Joanne!

      I’ve updated the building 2/2 link. Have a look at the PDF, I think that this is the part that is missing. Thank you.

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