Lego City 7285 – Police Dog Unit

Despite the bunch of similar vehicles, this 2011 set looks an interesting addition, especially if you have the Police Station, 7498. The set contains a nice but small van, one mini-figure (a police man, how did you guess…) a couple of tools (handcuffs and a walkie-talkie) and a dog (the usual German shepherd).

With the typical blue colors, this vehicle is very easy and fast to build. The structure have only 10 studs length, where the front part is the cabin and the engine and the rear part the dog’s compartment. Unfortunately the van has no doors. Why?? There are many similar models that have them. Surely is a negative detail.

The dog’s compartment is built separately, it has a tipper door, which allows a good access for the dog. Personally I think I would prefer a normal door, however if it happened the cars would be all the same.

Inside the dogs stands nicely but easily falls if you drive too fast. The main blue piece could have a couple of studs for a better comfort (Does a Police dogs need it?) for the animal.Finally, the independent compartment attaches competently to the vehicle thanks to six studs of the chassis. In terms of playability it is good for kids, because it fits perfectly in their hands and in terms of city’s additions I think it is interesting, especially if it brings a good discount. If needed, the instructions can be found right here:

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