Lego City 7208 – Fire Station

A Fire Station is one of those sets that are essential in any town. Besides that, when we think about Lego city, this is surely one the sets that comes to our minds. This Fire Station is a 2010’ set, it has four firemen, an emergency vehicle, a ladder truck and of course the station with 2 garages and a two floor building.

In the ground floor there is a small desk with a computer and a registry machine as well as a coffee machine. Looks like that this is an attendance area where additional care services are provided. The first floor is basically a resting room with two beds and at a corner a nice seat and a flat TV set.The garages are built separately, and globally its structure is similar to the previous headquarters 7945, but only this time, the bigger garage is at the middle. The garages have no wall, which low the set’s cost and increases the playability and at the roof there are the usual skylights.

In the middle of the two garages there is an outdoor space that honestly could be optimized (it could be a car washing zone, for instance…), and at the back there is even a yellow barrier that prevents any kind of intrusion (and in my opinion decreases the playability in that area).Of course, we can always modify it. Although, all this part has plenty of surveillance and emergency lights as well as a big antenna. Being creative, the big yellow antenna can be moved, and then you get space for an old school vehicle (if you have one, of course…).

The ladder truck is a nice vehicle and has interesting features, starting by the cab, that has an unusual space for two firemen. It has straight lines and glass everywhere, the roof is practically the double and opens easily, which increases the fun, with the help of a couple of technique pieces.The emergency ladders have the old style (actually I preferred the more technical ones that are in the 7945’s truck), and are supported by a base that turns the 360º. Finally, of course, the usual features such as the emergency lights, the hose, and the stickers are also present.The emergency car is small, but has plenty of room to store tools and accessories. It has a small compartment at the back, and two side doors for the effect. Besides that, this is an ordinary fire vehicle that interacts well with other city vehicles, similar to others present in other fire sets.

With more than six hundred pieces this set is a must in any town. If you can afford it, don’t think twice. If necessary the instruction are available right here:

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