Lego City 7206 – Fire Helicopter

The Fire Helicopter has been released two years ago and is surely a good addition to the fire theme. It has almost three hundred and fifty pieces, there firemen, some fire accessories and a nice all road jeep. It is very pleasant to build and its playability is rather interesting because it interacts very well with other city vehicles.

The Fire helicopter has a similar structure of other city helis. At the front we have the cockpit with three control panels (witch are printed pieces), two flight handles and a seat for the pilot. At the back there is room for fire tools and much more. My opinion in all the heli models is that in the rear space could a small wash room for instance, instead of an empty space. Of course, we can always personalize the heli…At the middle we have the action. The heli has no side doors and in the left side, there is a small platform with a seat and water cannon. Next to it (and also on the other side…) there are two yellow side bars to increase the safety of the firemen. Above, there is the engine and the big propeller with some different but unique pieces. Finally the landing gear that is rather simple, just three small wheels, of witch one is directional.On the other hand, the road vehicle is quite nice. It is not too long but it is wide. The chassis is made with pieces of several colors and the cab has everything that is necessary. It has even a radar panel (or alternatively room for another fireman) and two side doors witch I particularly like in city cars.The trunk, besides a back door, has room for several accessories, such as two extinguishers, small hose, an oxygen bottle and a traditional walkie-talkie. Globally it is a good fire vehicle to add to the town.

The instructions, if necessary, can be found in Lego’s webpage:

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