Lego City 60003 – Fire Emergency Truck

In less than a week, this is the third ladder truck that I will write a few lines about.  Definitely this is the smallest o of the three, with a cabin that makes me remind the old orange tow truck (7638). But this set doesn’t resume only to the vehicle because there is also a small abandoned house on flames. As you can see, by the pictures, the set intends to recreate a fire emergency.

The building is typically an abandoned place and it is rather simple, with only a couple of windows and a door which are blocked by some boards to prevent possible vandalism. But something happened because the roof started to burn.  And this effect is quite well achieved because the red tiles, on the left side give place to the black ones representing that way the burned area. Inside I would say by the available pictures that there is absolutely nothing, the idea is only to create an old abandoned house.

Talking about the truck, it is possibly my favorite among the three,
perhaps because it is slightly different from the usual. First it is small, with a structure that has a basically a cabin and behind it a transformed trunk, capable of receiving a rotating base and all the structure necessary for the ladder.

This structure is rather simple, made with a few technique pieces and the ladder is similar (or perhaps the same) to the also new 60002. Next to it, the coiled hose easily enters in action and became a useful tool not to extinguish not only the big fire in the building, but also the smaller one in the green garbage can. The three new firemen are all black, but this time they ware some new uniforms as well as some new dark-red helmets.

Finally, the cab is the same of many other city trucks and this time it has a couple of red side doors which are not always present. Globally I would say that the predictable twenty five dollars are a fair price for the set. The truck is really very good and small building is always a good add for an existing city.

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