Lego City 4473 – Police Helicopter

Looks like that next winter, the good old and competent Police helicopter will retire from its long journey. Not every set can be proud to be on stores for almost five year, but the 7741 is surely one of them, as you know or as you can even see here. Its substitute although some small differences it is rather similar.

It has about the same size, so I would say that it will have around hundred pieces, and will have two police officers, instead of one in the previous. This time their uniforms will be blue, instead of the old fashioned black torsos.  Apparently, the new one will have no surveillance camera or even a front spotlight, that are tools are I specially enjoyed in the old one.The new city Police helicopter, Lego 4473, although quite similar has of course same major differences from which I would highlight three: the new landing gear (with three wheels this time), the small and opened compartment behind the cockpit (that was the only way to put the new police inside the heli…) and finally the new propeller that will have some rotors but only two blades.On the other some similarities are also easily found. The heli’s nose and the windshield are the same, there are no side doors as well but this time the roof is easily removable to access the cockpit. In the 7741 we had to dismount no only the roof but the entire propeller.In terns of playability and new accessories, this time the second officer has, on the outside a small platform, next to the back compartment, which a winch and some rope, that suggests same kind of rescue or even some catch by the helicopter. There is even a side bar where the cop can grab during the flight.

Speculating on the price, I would say that it will be around twelve or even thirteen dollars. Let’s hope that it will be a worthy successor.

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