Lego City 4429 Hospital – Preview

The new city hospital that will be available next 2012′ summer has been seen in Denmark. The set apparently has a small building that, in my opinion, looks more like a first aid medical center, a small ambulance (compared with the 4431, it is quite small) that looks like one of the police headquarters’ vehicles but with red pieces and sticks. The ambulance has a tipper door at the back and no side doors.

The building is very small for an hospital. By the pictures I can see the reception with, perhaps, a computer desk, plenty of glass and nothing more. My only doubt is if there is any kind of water machine in the ground floor. The first floor has the doctor’s room with some accessories and the area that will lead to the heliport. A final note, there is no kind of wall or windows at the back of the building.The heliport has some red marks and is placed above the garage, on the left side of the building. The emergency patients that arrive through helicopter will enter directly through the side door. Talking about the heli, it has a similar structure of other city helis and my guess is that behind the cockpit with the usual controls and seats will be the doctor’s area with a stretcher.

Talking about the mini-figures I would bet that they will be four: the pilot, a patient, the ambulance’s driver and the doctor. But it is just a guess and nothing more. Another positive thing is that the hospital is built on a green big plate, which will have space for a considerable garden with a tree and a park bench. In the entrance there is also a small board with some services’ indications.Comparing it with the previous 7892 the only thing that I can say at this moment is that they are quite different. Both surely have some defects. I hope that the price is not one of the new one. Lets wait for the summer.

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