Lego City 4429 – Hospital / Helicopter Rescue

Summer is near and with it, the details of the summer city sets are clearing. As it concerns to this set, 4429, the final result is not much different that the one that was presented here, last march. The main building is definitely small for a hospital and the green plate is not as big as the one presented in the older pictures. Curiously, I hit the number of mini-figures, released in the set.

They are four: a doctor, a patient, a pilot for the helicopter and a driver for the ambulance, which make me think that a nurse surely is needed in the set. Talking about the ambulance, it is rather small, especially if we compare it to the new 4431 (the difference is huge, I would say…). The patient hardly has space to lie on the stretcher. However, even smaller, it has a nice design, similar to some police vehicles.

The building has two floors and there is not much to add to the last review except a couple of details from the inside. The reception in the ground floor has two seats for the patients and the doctor’s cabinet, in the first floor, has two beds , a diagnosis machine, a serum bottle and a couple of different tools for the doctor. A final word to the back of the structure because makes me remind many other city buildings because it has a naked structure with no kind of walls.

The Heli is different from what a thought because the stretcher’s access is made through a tipper door in the back, which is unusual in the city’s helicopters, especially with this size. However its design is similar to the usual, the only difference is that it is smaller. The cockpit is easily accessible by removing the nose of the vehicle.

Globally it is a very nice set, but please don’t call it Hospital, because definitely is not one. A smaller medical care center is perhaps the best approach to the reality. The price? Well that’s the only doubt, in this moment, but I would say around eighty dollars. Let’s wait and see…

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