Lego City 4202 – Mining Truck Preview

The Mining truck is everything except a city truck. It is big big big, very big. I guess it can be easily confused with some creator or Technique Set. It is fourteen dots wide which is absolutely abnormal in city sets. If you take a look at a picture you will notice that it is more than twice the high of the mini-figure (By the way, it is a miner as it would be expected).

Its wheels are higher than the miner and this fellow whenever wants to reach the cabin, he has to climb a ladder that is in the front of the truck. The cabin curiously has the size of an average city vehicle: four dots wide. A wheel and a chair are present (where is the old good red cop of coffee?) and the cabin is basically composed by glass.Next to the cabin, there is room for some tools and accessories that are also in other mining sets: The dynamite, a pick, a hammer and muck more can be stored in the middle of the truck, at the front. Yes we are only at the middle, because the right side is reserved to the engine’s exhaust.

At the back, and between the big wheels, the tipper mechanism is composed by several colored technical pieces which rise the truck bed competently. It could be other way because 12 dots wide can carry a lot of ore and much more. But when I think about the road plates, I realize that this truck can’t go to the town. It will need a special escort and even so I have my doubts.Almost four hundred and seventy pieces, that includes one mini-figures, worth almost 35 dollars? Maybe, but for me it is not a priority because its size it’s too big. It won’t fit it the town for sure. It will be available on stores next summer.

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