Lego City 4201: Loader and Tipper – Preview

This set will be released in 2012’s second half (probably August) and will surely be a good set to integrate in the mining environment. Two miners with unusual clothes and heats, two small vehicles, almost one hundred and forty pieces and some tools and accessories for about 18 dollars look like a good deal.

The Tipper is small but is the kind of vehicle that looks like it can pass through every kind of obstacle because its wheels are enormous compared to the average vehicle’s size. The cabin is all made of glass (the windshield is longer than usual) and the only way to access it is by removing the roof.Apparently the tipper’s mechanism is simple and a couple of technique pieces are enough to ensure it. Finally the yellow tipper which being a single part, looks like that is able to handle well with the ore brought by the loader. The cabin has only a steering wheel and no kind of doors or even a seat.The Loader is quite simple. It has a paddle that makes me remind some vintage traffic sets. Two side arms with a couple of technical pieces are responsible for the load and unload mechanism. Simple but effective. The little cabin has a naked and black structure but gives the essential security and in its middle there are two red switches not only for the vehicle’s maneuvers but also to the load and unload tasks.A big rock, a yellow road sign, a couple of tools for the workers and some ore pieces are the main accessories of the set. If you intend to by the Mine (4204), you will not miss this vehicles for sure.

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