Lego City 4200: Mining 4X4 – Preview

The Mining 4×4 will be in the market next summer and will be a nice acquisition not only for the mine (4204) but also to any town. It has a mini-figure, a miner, with a nice and unusual heat, and lots of tools and accessories. In terms of playability, it has plenty of features not only for the mine, but to play with it as a car. Children will love it.

This 4X4 has an ordinary structure with a raised chassis, typical of these cars. I haven’t built it yet but I bet that it will have some minor pieces of different colors on the interior which is a Lego’s tendency and I think that this won’t be different. The front is more aerodynamic than usual, and has a red bar that intends to protect the engine as well as it will be a help in case of being towed.The cabin is similar to many other city vehicles; it has a steering wheel, two side doors but apparently does not have a seat for the driver. The driver would hit the roof or is it too expensive? Talking about the roof, it is easily removable in order to have a better access to the cabin, whenever you want to play or move the driver.The trunk has a big brown metal box to transport some ore. My only doubt is if this is a single piece or not. I hope to find it out soon. On the other hand, the miner has plenty of tools to work with: a hydraulic hammer, a pick, some dynamite nuggets, ore, a countdown clock and even a big solid rock which I guess does not fit in the truck. All this tasks can be signed with a danger’s road yellow sign.

More than hundred pieces for about eleven dollars might justify the acquisition. The car is very nice and the playability is surely good. In August all the doubts will be taken.

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