Lego City 3658 – Police Helicopter

This set recreates a robber’s chase with a helicopter. It has plenty of action and integrates very well with other city sets. The box brings two vehicles (the big heli and a small yellow car) four mini-figures (one pilot, two policemen and a thief) and a couple of tools and accessories (megaphone, dollar bills, a red cup among others).

Inside, the heli has a single compartment. The pilot has at his disposal two control instruments and a good coffee cup (be careful with the loops…) but I think that one or two handles in the front would improve the pilot’s performance. Right in the middle there are two big openings (this heli has no doors) where the officers will try to catch the thief and his van.On the left side there is even a special seat and a spot light with plenty of energy for a better illumination. Four yellow side bars help the policeman to stay safe inside the helicopter. In the back there is plenty of room. I would say that the cops could arrest more than ten robbers that they would still fit inside the heli.

Particularly, I like the engine part. Lots of grids, and two turbines, give the heli a robust and competent aspect. The cops also have at their disposal a rope to rise and down to the heli every time they try to catch the robber. One final note, the cabin has a single piece in the front, for a better playability, in order to have a better access to the pilot’s controls.The thief’s car has an interesting color combination, yellow and black. It is small witch is good for kids. Unfortunately it has no side doors, but the roof is easily removed. In the back there is a small truck and I particularly like the manual’s last page where the thief stores the money in the trunk. Well, that way, he will be easily cached (schhiiuu, don’t tell him….).

Almost two hundred and forty pieces, four mini-figures and two vehicles for about thirty Euros look like a good deal. And if we think that is a good addition to a Police theme then I think you should get it .If necessary, the instructions can be found right here:

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