Lego city 3365 – Space Moon Buggy

A lot of memories come to my mind when I look at this Buggy. Many hours I spent with the old 80’s space sets. One thing even better than nowadays, is the scenarios that were printed the boxes. In those days, for a child, looking at it was almost magic. Looking at this set, besides the technical differences, there is one thing markedly different: the grey color gave place to the red and white.

The set is very easy and fast to build (it has less than forty pieces), the mini-figure has a space suite and it is an added value to any mini-figures collection even if you have more astronauts. Along with the mini-figure there is also an astronaut suite with a golden helmet and an oxygen supply.The moon vehicle has 3 axes and 6 little wheels which gives it traction to climb any kind of hill. At the back, a chainsaw (makes me remind the old sets with a back hook) will permit to blaze and explore any kind of obstacle. A lunar satellite is also present to allow a good communication with the base.I recommend this set, especially if you have other space sets. This 2011’s set has thirty seven pieces and normally for less than 5 euros is surely a nice deal and a good addition to any collection.If necessary, the instruction can be downloaded here:

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