Lego City 3180 – Tank Truck

The Tank Truck is another 2010’s great set. It has an Octan fuel truck, one mini figure and a Gas Pump. It brings definitely many hours of fun to the town. In terms of playability it’s an added value because it can interact with other vehicles in many situations. Just the possibility of the car refuel in an alternative gas pump (in case you have any other gas station) justifies the purchase.

The Pump is easy and fast to build but has a lot of features. First of all it has a counter where you can see the fuel price and a register terminal. The six dots platform also have place for a fat hose to fuel the road vehicles and two entrances for the tank truck hose be able to supply the bomb. In addition to the set, personally, I putted an Octan flag next to the pump to give it a better look.Building the truck’s cabin you will notice that it is similar to other trucks. After the usual base construction, the cabin has also known features: small doors, a removable roof for better playability a seat for the driver and a nice and old coffee cup. A big windshield and a rear shield give the driver a good visibility when making maneuvers.Talking about the trailer, first of all, it is long. Two wheels axes at the back support all the fuel’s weight. Next to the axes, there is the wound hose that can be released whenever necessary to fill the pump. On the other side of the truck, in parallel, there is a small wicket where two yellow brake shoes can be stored.The tank, it self, is built mainly with six big and round pieces and the final result is perfect. On the top vehicle five round pieces ensure a solid building and at the same time allow the truck to be refueled in the refinery. At the back of the truck there are some stairs that allow the driver to check that every thing is ok with the truck as well as make all the refueling tasks.Finally the trailer’s attachment mechanism allows it to be pushed by many other city trucks. On the other hand every time that it is parked, a parking mechanism can be activated in order to give the trailer a correct balance.

For less than 20€, Two hundred and twenty two pieces and a mini figure surely are a good deal. If necessary, the instruction can be found here:

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