Lego City 3179 – Repair Truck

The Repair Truck is a 2010’s set  and is definitely a great added value to any town. Beside the truck, the set has also a mini figure (an ordinary worker) , a street lamp ( they are never too many) and a green trash can. The worker has also plenty of tools to change the lamps (a hammer, a oil can, a spanner and much more).

The truck is not too big but it has everything that is needed. It has a standard platform and the cabin has an ordinary structure with a big front windshield, but unfortunately doesn’t have a seat for the driver or the usual coffee cup. On the other hand it has two small side doors, which I personally like, and a removable roof for a better access and playability.At the back of the truck we have action. First of all, there is a lift platform in order to change the damaged lamps. A few technical peaces improve a lot the mechanism because they allow the lift to turn around 360 degrees and move up and down at the same time which lets you get the ideal position next to the street lamp.On the right side, the truck has two small lockers and two handles where all the tools, as well as the spare lamps, can be stored, two work barriers are also present to warn about the road block. Perhaps in the case a road sign would be a good idea too. Some orange lights and two electricity stickers give the final touch to the truck.Hundred and eighteen pieces for about 13€ and a different concept turn this set indispensable in any town. If desired, the instructions can be found right here:

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