Lego City 3178 – Seaplane

This is a small but interesting yellow seaplane. Hundred pieces, one mini-figures and a couple of accessories compose the set. It’s not an alternative to bigger sets like the 3182 airport or the 3181 Plane but is an added value to any kind of harbor because, for instance, many cargo trucks can deliver goods or mail directly to this plane.

The cockpit is quite simple with a single piece of instruments, but it has a wide windshield witch allows the pilot to have a complete view practically of every angle. Unfortunately, it has no doors but the roof is easily removed to give a better access to the cabin. I must say that the plane’s nose is quite aerodynamic and has a very attractive design.Just behind the cockpit we have the luggage compartment with two big side doors. Cases, mail or small tools can be transported easily here. The white wings have a proportional size as wheels as the two engines and its propellers. Actually engines and propellers have no more than five pieces, but have an excellent final result.The two gliders are easy to build and are attached by a couple of technical pieces, not only within it self but also to the plain. One minor aspect: Although its features it is a bit fragile when playing with it. But if you have bad luck, don’t worry because it is extremely easy to rebuild it even without the instructions.As accessories we have a small refuel island with a wind meter and a refuel tank and the pilot also has a small suitcase. For less then twelve euros, it is definitely a good beginners’ set or an added value to a city’s harbor. If necessary, the instructions can be found in this link:

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