Lego City 3177-Small Car

This small car is nothing but the Smart for Two, so common in our streets. I had I problem when I saw this set for the first time. My daughter would surely “kill me” if I didn’t bye it. This car has definitely a lot of similarities with the “original”. Starting by the size, only forty three pieces are enough to put it on the road.

With only seven dots of length, the car has everything like the “big” one. Small side doors (the good old small doors), a reasonable windshield, room for the engine, and the two rear pillars give the car the rounded appearance, just like the other. The wheels are small, as it would be expected but the final result is quite balanced.The playability is very wide. If you have a town this car will surely look great. If the Lego 4956 is present, it will just fit in its garage and if the train (7379) is in town, this little car will give a ride for sure. On the other hand if you don’t have any of the above, but small children instead, they will love the car because it will fit like a glove on their hands.In terms of building, this set doesn’t have a big story, less than fifty pieces will achieve a final result in less than ten minutes. The mini-figure is not very usual, specially the torso and the hair. It is not an expensive set and for less than five euros, you will make a deal.Finally it has a small trunk with room for a brown suitcase. If necessary, the instructions can be found right here:

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