Lego City 2017 – More New Sets

With all the credits going to hothbricks, a few more 2017 City sets have been unveiled. With the exception of a couple of them I must say that this new wave didn’t excite me too much. Too much trailers and too much déjà-vu. However the Pizza Van looks really nice as well as the Sweeper and Excavator.

The nine new sets contain a race plane (60144) a Buggy (60145), a Stunt Truck (60146), the already known fishing Boat (60147), an ATV Race Team (60148), the 4×4 with Catamaran (60149), A Pizza Van (60150), a Dragster Team (60151) and finally a Sweeper and Excavator (60152).lego-city-2017-60144-60145-60146-60147-60148-60149-60150-60151-60152

The sets will be available next January (perhaps a bit earlier, with prices between the ten dollars (Race Plane and Buggy for instance) and forty (Dragster Team.) Have a look at the new vehicles and enjoy!

Race Plane (60144)lego-city-60144-race-plane lego-city-60144-race-plane-1

Buggy (60145)lego-city-buggy-60145-1 lego-city-buggy-60145

Stunt Truck (60146)lego-city-stunt-truck-60146 lego-city-stunt-truck-60146-1

Fishing Boat (60147)lego-60147-city-fishing-boat-1 lego-60147-city-fishing-boat

ATV Race Team (60148)lego-city-60148-atv-race-team lego-city-60148-atv-race-team-1

4×4 with Catamaran (60149)lego-city-60149 lego-city-60149-1

Pizza Van (60150)lego-city-60150-pizza-van lego-city-60150-pizza-van-1

Dragster Team (60151)lego-city-60151-1 lego-city-60151

Sweeper & Excavator (60152)lego-city-60152 lego-city-60152-1

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