Lego City 2016 – The First Rumors

Looks like that the 2016 rumor season has just started. Among the bunch of possible set names of several themes that were published here, I would like to have a quick look on my favorite team, City.

At the first glance, the fire vehicles dominate and among them, it seems that there will be a new fire station that according to previous rumors will be a super fire station with more than a thousand pieces that will certainly include three or four vehicles and a bunch of firemen.

As always, Police is quite well represented and I must say that I’m quite curious about the Prison Island. If it’s true, it will certainly be a must! In terms of new city vehicles, the list is not so extensive but in this possible wave, there are five new vehicles which I must say seem a bit repetitive.

Please, keep in mind that this is only a rumor, there aren’t for know any other kind of additional details such as set numbers or prices, but I think that most of all, it’s quite pleasant to start looking at possible new sets. Have a look at the list and enjoy!

    • Ambulance Plane
    • Fire ATV
    • Tire Escape
    • Fire Starter Set
    • Fire Station
    • Fire Ladder Truck
    • Fire Boat
    • Ferry Fire Response Unit
    • Police Patrol Boat
    • Prison Starter Set
    • Police Pursuit
    • Prison Island
    • 4 X4 Off Roader
    • Van & Caravan
    • Garbage Truck
    • Rally Car
    • Race Boat

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