Lego City 2015 – The First Rumors! – updated

The first 2015 city sets have been posted in eurobricks and following the last tendencies looks like that a new Police wave is being prepared for next Christmas. As always, these news should be treated as a rumor giving only the relative importance that it deserves.

Looking at the list below which features six new Police sets, the officers will definitely pass sometime inside the water. The set names look a bit similar in some cases, giving the idea that probably won’t be the final version. Some of them, namely the ATV or the Helicopter clearly look an upgrade of the existing models, however the Crook shelter or the Water Police seem to bring some innovation to the theme (if still possible…).

Have a look at the six as well as its set range:

60065 Police ATV

60066 Police Transport Hovercraft

60067 Police Helicopter

60068 Crook Shelter

60069 Water Police

60071 Police Chase on Transport Hovercraft

Updated 15-07

A few more 2015 city sets have been spot once again in the Russian site Considering it only as a rumor, there are a few interesting appointments such as the return of the construction theme and a few more great vehicles which for now are still unknown in terms of name and details.

The names look far from being definitive, after all this is only a translation, however there are two things that I didn’t like: another tow truck is such a small period of time and a fire starter kit, after so many small fire vehicles in the last couple of years.

Have a look at the additional rumor list:

60072 – Beginner’s Demolition

60073 – Truck Breakdown

60074 – Bulldozer

60075 – Excavator and Truck

60076 – Demolition

60081 – Tow Truck

60082 – Great Vehicle

60083 – Snow Blower

60084 – Great Vehicle

60085 – Great Vehicle

60088 – Fire Starter Kit

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