Lego City 2014 – Updated with all the Police Sets

A new update about the 2014 city sets has been recently posted on eurobricks, which not only reveals most of the set numbers but also adds some nice details about most of them. Definitely the retailers’ catalogues are hanging around.

This is absolutely one of my favorite themes and having a look at the features of some of them, I can’t wait to see images of the new auto transporter. The other look also pretty nice, there are some new replacements, a new wave of police sets, but that one caught my attention for sure.

Have a look at the updated list as well as some of their details:

Great Vehicles:

60053 – Race Car: it will be a 6 stud wide Octan touring racing car with 1 mini-figure and 1 silver cup.

60054 – Light Repair Truck: It will contain Orange repair truck, 6 studs wide with 1 mini-figure and 1 road light post.

60055 – Green Monster Truck: A black monster truck much like the one from the recent Monster Truck Transporter (60027).

60056 – Tow Truck: A Blue and white tow truck is about 8 studs wide and 20-32 studs long with 1 mini-figure.

60057 – Camper Van: It Includes 1 male mini-figure and 1 female mini-figure and of course a White camper with green stripes and a red canoe.

60058 – SUV with Watercraft (unfortunately there are no additional details…)

60059 – Logging Truck (unfortunately there are no additional details…)

60060 – Auto Transporter: It will bring a Yellow truck with upper and lower floor (can carry 2 cars) and 1 trailer again with upper and lower floor and capable of holding 2 cars. Besides it, includes 1 blue sports car, 1 black sports car, and 2 mini-figures.

Police Sets:

60042 – Police Motorcycle Chase: Looks like one of the smallest sets with a white police car, 2 bikes, 3 mini-figures (2 robbers and a police)

60043 – Break-Out of the Prison Transporter: It will bring a huge 8 stud wide prisoner van, a red quad bike, and three mini-figures (2 criminals and 1 police officer).

60044 – Mobile Police Unit : Replaces one of the most sold sets in the last years and brings as expected the Police truck with trailer, 3 mini-figures (2 police officers and 1 prisoner)

60045 – Police Boat Transporter: 4×4 police jeep with trailer, dinghy boat, 2 mini-figures.

— Update 31 august —-

According to Eurobricks Forum the Police sets will have the following names:

60041 – Crook Pursuit
60042 – High Speed Police Chase
60043 – Prisoner Transport
60044 – Mobile Police Unit
60045 – Police Patrol
60046 – Helicopter Surveillance
60047 – Police Station

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