Lego City 2013- Police and Traffic Sets

The news and rumors about city theme continue. The Police and traffic sub themes apparently have some defined sets that will appear on the market next December. Looks like that are confirmed a Police Squad, a Police chase and a Museum Break-in in the Police environment. But as the year goes by I am sure that a couple more will appear.

On the other hand some great new vehicles will appear: a new tow truck, a fuel tanker and a Cement Mixer will substitute, competently we hope, the previous models. The Tow truck will be orange as the previous one and will have a dark red car as well as two mini-figures. (A typical twenty dollars set).The fuel tanker will apparently be smaller than the older one and will also have a small gas station. If it is so it will not bring anything new. Finally the Cement Mixer, it will be white mixed with yellow, apparently quite similar to the 2008’ vehicle, and will also have a sort of wheelbarrow. Two workers will be the mini-figures.

Talking about the Police sets, rumors say that the Squad will include two mini-figures and also a push-cart with some jewels. It’s is definitely quite strange, let’s wait to confirm. The Police chase will include a motorbike, a red cabrio, an office fence and a large Police vehicle. At least three mini-figures are confirmed, perhaps a couple of polices and a robber or driver for the cabrio.

The Museum Break in is definitely the bigger Police set until now because it will have the building, and three nice vehicles: a grey robber’s van which remembers the new ambulance, a competent Police vehicle, remembering the robber’s transport and a small but fast helicopter. Six!! Mini-figures will surely give the action to this set and definitely will contribute to increase the expectation of some final photos.

These Police sets are a consist possibility because apparently they even have a set number: the police squad will be the Lego city 60006, the Police chase will be the Lego city 60007, and the Museum Break in, the Lego city 60008. On the other hand the Octan Tank will be the Lego 60016, the Tow truck the lego 60017 and finally the ciment mixer the lego 60018. For now let’s wait patiently for some more news, if it is possible.

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