Lego City – 2013’ Fire Sets

This is the part of the year when rumors about new sets start to intensify and the first pictures or even the set numbers begin to be confirmed. It’s the case of the city theme, were some reference sites start to talk not only about the new vehicles or buildings but surely about their numbers.

The new stuff looks great (if it’s confirmed, obviously) and the fire and police theme are for now the best clients. Talking about the firemen, looks like that at least seven sets are ready to go. There will be a new fire helicopter, a new fire boat, a Ladder Truck, a new and different Fire Motorcycle, a vehicle for the Fire’s Captain, a Burning Hut and also a new Fire station.Quickly, it looks that the Ladder Truck will have two mini-figures (personally I love the old one from will include the 7945 Fire station, which will make me think twice…),the captain’s car will bring a mini tree, a couple of mini-figures and even a small cat. The fire Motorcycle will surely be a surprise to me because it will have to be something bigger than the usual city bikes.

The fire boot is planned to have two!! boats, the fire fighter and an inflatable racing boat and four!! Mini-figures: two firemen and a couple of racing pilots. The Heli will have a regular size, similar to old city sets (some fans talk about the heli from the limousine’ set, which makes me preview that it won’t be very big), and plenty of nice features such as a winch or a small white tank.On the other hand the burning Hut will have a small naked building, without features in the interior, another ladder truck (a second one to be released ?!) and three firemen. Finally the big attraction, the new fire station. Apparently it will have two big garages, a small heliport and a main building with three floors and even an outside elevator.

Rumors talk about three vehicles: another ladder truck (three new trucks?? in the same year), a small heli (unfortunately the big ones won’t fit in the Heliport) and a small rescue car. Definitely, this fire station will look even greater than the old one. Overall I must say that I can’t wait for the first pictures because the expectation is huge. Ha a look at the following list with the available set numbers:

  • Lego city 60000 Fire motorcycle with a burning green container
  • Lego city 60001 Fire car
  • Lego city  60002 Fire car with 2 figs and a ladder
  • Lego city  60003 Burning ruined house front
  • Lego city  60004 Firestation
  • Lego city  60005 Fireboat with two firemen
  • Lego City 60010 Firehelicopter

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