Lego Castle 10223 – Kingdoms Joust

The kingdoms Joust is, at the moment, the only released set of the Castle’s theme but at the same time it is one of the biggest of the year with almost one thousand and six hundred pieces. Besides the tremendous towers and everything around, the set has also nine!!! mini-figures and a couple of war horses.

Building it takes some time but it is surely a nice challenge. Normally I write some notes about it but this time I will only talk about the final product which is definitely huge. If you like the theme, it is a tremendous addition because its features and accessories are endless and it surely a magnifier building to add to the camp..My favorite parts are the gates with the passage above it, and of course the towers. If we attempt to the quantity of details that the building has we will stay here all night. The arms coat in the middle, the vaults above the passage the little windows in the towers and even the skylights of the red roofs are just some examples.Flanking the towers, there are two cabins which are very nice and I don’t even discuss their features. My only disappointment goes only for the blue pieces of the right cabin. They have nothing in common with the rest of the set and its environment. Imagine the horses dressed with pink clothes… It is almost the same.The tournament part and the king’s platform are also wonderful and I specially enjoy the mini-figures details, especially the dressed princess which is an added value, for sure, for the collection. The stand is solid despite some doubts when building it and the horses are a must.Features and accessories are sometimes holding hands and in this sets they are endless: a couple of bottles, a red cover, two frogs, a pitch fork, a bunch of shields, perhaps is too much (is this a war or a tournament?) , two bandings and much more are the things that you can expect to discover in the set.

Globally, this set has the ability to transport us to an ancient time. It is perhaps the best set of this theme and it is surely more than a good acquisition, it is mandatory. The worst part is the price. If we look at the enormous quantity of pieces, I would say that is a fair price. But take a deep breath before paying it, because hundred and twenty dollars is a big number. If necessary, the instructions are right here:

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