Lego Brick Sorting Vacuum – Let’s play April Fool’s Day :)

Once in a while, it’s good to talk about Lego’s inventions ( false alarm…) without having to speak about sets or new themes or even some new details or features. Today, Lego has announced on social media, the new Revolutionary Brick Sorting Vacuum ( what a hiper galactic name :):) ). And what is this?

It’s basically a vacuum cleaner with a traditional design that has the ability, according to Lego’s presentation, to vacuum the pieces and at the same time sort them by color ( ah ah ah ah ah – such a clever machine…) and type of brick, just as it separates the eventual dust ( uau… 🙂 ). Besides that, it is announced with five speeds and easy to empty when it’s full ( Awesome… :):) ).

There are no details about price or availability , but Lego mentions that it will be coming soon in 2018 ((hold on seated… ). And I must say that I’m quite curious about it (not :):):) )! Have a look at the picture and laugh!! And of course congratulations for the idea! 

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