Lego Book Revised

Lego Book has recently been expanded and fully revised by Dorling Kindersley and besides all the fun, ideas and models that always have been included since 2009, it has now new dozens of pages with interesting things about the more recent themes such as Ninjago, Friends and Lego Games among others. Unfortunately the new version doesn’t have the smallest book, Standing Small, that in some countries included one mini-figure.

The Book is quite interesting and is full updated. It is easy to find some models and texts (these are usually rather small, giving more space to detailed pictures) about Monster fighters and Lord of the Rings. Besides all the news, the book has also a bunch of nostalgic pictures of themes and sets that are no longer on sale.On the other hand, it is also easy to go back a couple of decades ago and find scenarios that were typical of the 90’s for instance or even backwards. This book besides the fun has also a tremendous component of history (I must say however that the first pages that talk about the beginning of Lego are a bit boring.Alone or in family, at school or at home, young or older, this book with all its rich and detailed content is definitely a nice gift to offer anyone about any age and the twenty dollars that it costs surely worth the price. It will soon be available on stores, almost sure next month. Please take a look at some pictures below:

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