LEGO Batman – The Visual Dictionary

If you planning, next Christmas, offering a gift to someone who likes Lego and books, it might not be a bad idea to offer him or her, a combination of both. There are some interesting publications but I especially enjoy this one. The Super Heroes theme has some nice characters and figures, one of them is Batman.

The virtual Dictionary of Lego Batman is an interesting book about this Marvel Universe theme, extremely well detailed with plenty of pictures not only about the characters (Batman, The Joker, the Catwoman and Two Faces are easily found) but also about a bunch of sets (from this year I easily remember of the batcave, the Catwoman Catcycle and the Fun House), including some older ones and all the mini-figures collection until know.Besides all those nice theme details, there is also a big comic story similar to those that are found in the set boxes. Globally this book is not very expensive, it easily can be found with prices around fifteen dollars and definitely it a good present for next Christmas.

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