Lego Batman The Movie – The full set list pictures

Last week was particularly rich in terms of 2017 set pictures and Lego Batman the Movie was one of the themes to be unveiled, despite a couple of set that were already known for a while (The Batmobile and the Joker Notorious Lowrider).

The extensive set list is composed by ten new sets, most of them with a considerable size, and there are surely a few of them that look absolutely awesome, not only in terms of beauty but most of all, playability. And I’m, talking, particularly, of the edges- the entry set (the Joker Balloon Escape ) and the biggest of all (Batcave Break-In), and the Killer Croc Tail Gator with an huge and big

The sets will shortly be available on stores. Meanwhile have a close look at them:

70900 The Joker Balloon Escapelego-batman-the-movie-70900 lego-batman-the-movie-70900-1

70901 Mr. Freeze Ice Attacklego-batman-the-movie-70901 lego-batman-the-movie-70901-1

70902 Catwoman Catcycle Chaselego-batman-the-movie-70902 lego-batman-the-movie-70902-1

70903 The Riddler Riddle Racerlego-batman-the-movie-70903 lego-batman-the-movie-70903-1

70904 Clayface Splat Attacklego-batman-the-movie-70904 lego-batman-the-movie-70904-1

70905 The Batmobilelego-batman-the-movie-70905 lego-batman-the-movie-70905-1

70906 The Joker Notorious Lowriderlego-batman-the-movie-70906 lego-batman-the-movie-70906-170907 Killer Croc Tail-Gatorlego-batman-the-movie-70907lego-batman-the-movie-70907-1

70908 The Scuttlerlego-batman-the-movie-70908 lego-batman-the-movie-70908-1

70909 Batcave Break-Inlego-batman-the-movie-70909 lego-batman-the-movie-70909-1

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