Lego Batman the Movie – A Couple of new Polybags

The Lego Batman The Movie is definitely pretty high in terms of new polybags. In the past hours, a couple of new ones have discovered: a new accessory pack and a smaller one called Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman.

The first one has forty one pieces and features Batman with a traditional suite, a nice and detailed batsignal, built with a considerable number of small pieces, and also some additional stickers. The second one is basically a key chain with a mini-figure, Kiss Kiss Tuxedo

There are no details for now about its eventual availability on markets but I’m sure that soon we’ll hear some more about them!

Accessory Packlego-batman-the-movie-polybagKiss Kiss Tuxedo Batmanlego-batman-the-movie-polybag-kiss-kiss

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