Lego Angry Birds – The Official Pictures

The pictures of the new Angry Birds sets have finally been unveiled showing the six new boxes, inspired on the movie. Personally, despite their color and playability, I’m not specially tempted by this theme however the King Pig’s Castle definitely looks quite appellative.

As you can see, the sets will be Piggy Car Escape (75821), Piggy Plane Attack (75822), Bird Island Egg Heist (75823), Pig City Teardown (75824), Piggy Pirate Ship (75825) and King Pig’s Castle (75286), and will available next

Have a close look at them:

75821 – Piggy Car Escapelego-75821-piggy-car-escape-angry-birds

75822 – Piggy Plane Attacklego-75822-piggy-plane-attack-angry-birds

75823 – Bird Island Egg Heistlego-75823-bird-island-egg-heist-angry-birds

75824 – Pig City Takedownlego-75824-piggy-town-tear-down-angry-birds

75825 – Piggy Pirate Shiplego-75825-piggy-pirate-ship-angry-birds

75826 – Pig King’s Castlelego-75826-king-pig-castle-angry-birds

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