Lego Adventure Book

The Lego Adventure book is a top quality edition written and developed by Megan Rothrock and published by No Starch Press. With two hundred pages over thirteen chapters, the set has a huge collection of highly detailed Moc’s about several themes that include vehicles, animals and even the girls’ favorite, friends.

If you’re a fan and enjoy creating your own models, you should seriously consider acquiring this publication. There is a bunch of different models to build or to inspire you and it’s instructions are rather clear, most of the times they are presented as photos showing clearly and step by step what to do.

Globally among such a considerable quantity of books available on stores this Christmas,

the hardest part will surely to choose which one to buy. I must say that this one is definitely one of my favorites. Not only because it has excellent models to be inspired or even to build but also because as I book, it is very pleasant to browse and read it.

The best part is that although it hasn’t arrived to all markets in can be easily ordered from Amazon. Have a look at the press release and below it some additional photos:

“The beauty of LEGO building is that you can make almost anything. But every builder needs a bit of inspiration from time to time. For those of us who need a little help, the first volume of The LEGO Adventure Book series (No Starch Press, November 2012, 200 pp., full color, $24.95, ISBN 9781593274429) promises to get those creative juices flowing.

The LEGO Adventure Book by Megan Rothrock is an unofficial tour through the world of the best LEGO builders. Readers journey through time and place as their guide, Megs, introduces them to nearly 200 innovative models ranging from armor-plated dinosaurs to futuristic steampunk contraptions. And they’ll find more than just pictures of models—Rothrock also includes 25 brick-by-brick breakdowns of some of the most interesting models so that readers can learn each builder’s technique and try their hand at building the models themselves.

“LEGO building is a lot more than making a simple car or a house with a chimney,” according to Bill Pollock, publisher of No Starch Press (the source of best-selling LEGO books like The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide and The Cult of LEGO). “The LEGO Adventure Book is ideal for LEGO fans who want to step outside the box and make something totally new.”

The LEGO Adventure Book includes contributions from over a dozen expert LEGO builders, with models like:

• Flying machines, from vintage propeller planes to futuristic starfighters

• A medieval village featuring an outdoor market, butcher shop, and fortified castle

• Dinosaur favorites like the Stegosaurus and T. Rex, complete with articulated tail and jaw

• A modern city full of shops, garages, vehicles, and even cable cars

• A realistic British locomotive with working brakes

• A huge selection of hot rods and racecars

Designed for fans of all ages and ability levels, The LEGO Adventure Book is a window into the exciting world of LEGO building.”

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