Lego 9462 Monster Fighters – The Mummy

The Mummy is a Monster Fighters set that was released last summer. It is typically a ten dollars set, with less than hundred pieces. However it has a bunch of great features, an enormous variety of colors and three main elements: the horse’s skeleton, the unusual flying machine, and a great carriage.

The set has also a couple of mini-figures: a new mummy, which I think it is exclusive of this set and Ann Lee, one of the traditional Monster fighters.  Despite all these things, I must say that this set worth more as a complement of a bigger set, such as the Vampire Castle or the Haunted House, for instance.

The carriage, made with brown pieces, is made up on a structure that will attach on the horse. It has same nice details such has the two horns and the side lamps. At the back there are also a couple of clips to hang on a big sword. Curiously the big wood wheels use the same attaching mechanism of the usual city vehicles.The flying machine, or autogiro if you prefer, is rather small but at the same time has everything that is necessary to fly. There is a nice propeller (it has almost the size of the entire machine…), a small engine at the back, a cockpit with a couple of handles, a landing gear and even two missile launchers in both sides. Simply perfect!!

Finally the skeleton horse, which was already kidnapped by my son, has two fire ears, shines in the dark, and has a typical saddle with a couple of pieces and a stud to attach a gold scorpion on the top and a blue moon stone. Definitely very nice, I must say.Globally as you can imagine I have the best opinion about this small set. Ten dollars for all this fun is surely a great deal. Have a look at the extended gallery, below. If necessary the instructions can be easily downloaded from here:

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