Lego 9461 Monster Fighters – The Swamp Creature

The Swamp creature is a little seven dollars set that looking that it worth every centime. It has exactly seventy little pieces, that include a nice swamp boat with side missiles, two mini-figures (Frank Rock and a Swamp Creature – this one is an added value, find it on cheap set is not easy) and a little swamp.

Starting by the little swamp, the first impression is that with a little bit more creative (and a couple of dollars more, too…) it could by slightly bigger, perhaps with a bit of water and one or two bushes, by this is just my opinion. The swamp has also a dead?? fish for the creature and a small yellow bubble maker.The boat is rather radical. It’s so small and at the same time it has plenty of nice details. The Fighter’s controls are at the back and considerably raised giving the pilot a clear view of all that is around. To catch the creature, there are at both sides a couple of launchers with missiles. Unfortunately some fans complain about the stability of them when mounted. I hope it is not a general complain.There are two handles to maneuver the boar and at the back an enormous fan gives the boat the correct propulsion.  Finally Frank Rock has two pistols to catch the creature and this one has a spear to defend itself from the attacks. Globally this set is surely a good deal despite of the swamp’ size.

If necessary the instructions can be found right here:

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