Lego 9442 Ninjago – Jay’s Storm Fighter

The Jay’s Storm fighter is a nice blue Jet and probably one of the greatest of Ninjago theme. The set has about two hundred and forty pieces, two nicely detailed mini-figures (that are Jay XZ and Snappa) which are not the easiest to find, a small shrine and of course the main attraction that is the Storm Fighter.

In terms of design the jet looks exactly like a fighter plain only with a few extra features which by the way are excellent. In terms of building, I must say that the structure is a bit strange in the beginning especially when the four swords. But at the end everything will be in position and with an excellent playability.The main feature of this jet is obviously the two possible positions that the wings can have. One, the more usual, is with the wings in normal position, next to the main body. But with a clever mechanism, both can open hundred and eighty degrees and four nice swords wings appear, attached to the plain with some sort of hinges.The cockpit is also another part of the plain that I especially like because not only has plenty of space but must of all because of its single long piece windshield. Finally, Snappa is really very nice, especially its printed red face. Have a look at the gallery below and if necessary download the building instructions:

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