Lego 9348 – Community Mini-figure Set

This is a very rare set in my opinion, but at the same time it is rather imperative not only in any kind of town but also in any theme or even as a complement of a single set. And I launch the following question? It is rare and you don’t see it often on stores because it doesn’t sell much, or it doesn’t’ sell because you simply can’t find it on shops?

Anyway, this set with more than two hundred and fifty pieces is basically a collection of twenty two mini-figures and a bunch of nice accessories. Almost every kind of themes of common professions are here represented: fireman, police officers, farmers, post office workers and even a mechanic among others.Besides those, there are also some rare elements such as a diver with all its equipment, a snow man ready to ski, a restaurant chef with a bunch of nice accessories, a workshop mechanic with some nice tools, a girl with a bike who looks like that seems to be coming from the supermarket and also a couple of nurses.The set is a little overpriced in my opinion, fifty dollars makes me think if I really need all those guys. For that money there are many interesting and much bigger sets. On the other hand it’s definitely a must for any town. The best is surely trying to get it with a good promotion.

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