Lego City 8401 and Lego City 7279 – City mini figures

This two sets, hard to find in stores at this moment are a great added value to any town. Eight mini figures, including three police officers, a girl, two thieves, a business man and a garbage worker, traffic lights, traffic signs, a police ATV , an individual ATM and lots of other accessories for about 15 Euros are definitely a good business.

The Lego 8401, besides the four figures has also plenty of additional staff that includes three traffic signs and a traffic light, which are always welcome when you have road plates, a garden’ bench, that is very well designed, a garbage wheelbarrow, a garbage can, and a small but unusual fire hydrant.The four mini figures (a police man, a girl, a business man and the garbage worker) have also at least one accessory. The officer has a communication radio and a megaphone, the business man has a suite case, the worker has the typical coffee cup and the girl a powerful radio. A final note about this set, for the price I am truly regretted for not having bought another extra box.Talking about the 7279, the principle is the same: four figures, in this case a small vehicle and lots of town accessories. This one is also indispensable, unfortunately I never bought anyone and at this moment, I guess that the only way is only in the net. Ahead, this set has a police touch, because it has two thieves and two policemen.

An ATM and a police ATV create the scenery of chasing the thieves that have just robbed the money that was in the ATM. The officers will also have the help of a canid to catch the bad guys. The AVT is very simple, similar to other models, and as it would be expectable all the figures have accessories: The thieves have a crowbar, dollar bills and a bag. On the other side, the officers have a lamp and some handcuffs.

Simple but indispensable in any town, these two sets. The instructions, if needed, are available here:

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