Lego 79105 – Baxter Robot Rampage

The Baxter Robot Rampage is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ set that has been released in the beginning of 2013. It recreates one of the many episodes of the Turtles Cartoons, where the Ninjas face Baxter Stockman and its big Mech.

With exactly three hundred and ninety seven pieces it brings a considerable number of features to play with. Besides the big green Mech, the set has also four mini-figures (April O’Neil, Baxter Stockman, Donatello and Raphael) a small buggy, a skate and a strange (as usual…) aircraft.

Mechs aren’t my favorite stuff and this one is no exception. Made mostly with gray pieces, it is reasonably tall, uses, for the arms and legs, the same attaching pieces used on many other models (Ninjago for instance…) and the two big claws are very competent in the moment of grabbing the victims (one of them also fires a nice blue missile triggered through the back).

The command center of the robot is placed in the trunk and is perhaps the best part of the Mech. With space more than enough for Baxter Stockman to stay inside it has also a couple of handlers, two black buttons and a piloting position, all protected by a big windshield that is cleverly disguised with a big sticker.

Having a look at the two small vehicles, they look quite good but at the same time a bit strange, especially the plain. The little buggy is extremely simple with two wheel axles of different sizes (the rear wheels have the most usual size and at the front the smaller ones are usually in the city small trailers) and at the back a clever clip allows attaching Raphael’s blue skate.

The small plain, although its final look, it is quite interesting to build. Using many small pieces, the eight stud base has space for the pilot, for the handlers (mostly used in ATV’s) and for the wings’ structure which are definitely quite armed with four flick fire missiles. At the back, the propeller ensures the necessary power to takeoff and attack the mech.

Overall this looks a nice TMNT, despite my issues about Mechs. The mini-figures, as usual, are very nice (the turtles are definitely great), the two crazy vehicles are in line with the rest of the theme and finally forty dollars look fair according that the set has almost four hundred pieces. Please have a look at some extra details:

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