Lego 79101- Shredder’s Dragon Bike

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have a few strange sets and this one is surely one of them. This new set with about two hundred pieces has three mini-figures (Donatello, a Foot Soldier and Shredder) and two vehicles, the big dragon bike and the small little car that is basically a board with an engine at the back.

The Board with the super engine at the back belongs to Leonardo and according to the set box, will pursuit the big Shredder’s Bike. Simpler than this vehicle it’s almost impossible, because that attached to a little wood board there is a powerful engine, four little wheels, and a hand brake. Leonardo is surely skillful because there is no kind of steering wheel at the front, only a small yellow light to lead the way.

The bike isn’t very normal either, and it is easily confused with a Ninjago vehicle because of all those weird and sharp forms. From what I remember from the old cartoons the action was passed in big towns with normal vehicles and buildings, where do these vehicles come from? In the drains, they were not for sure….Forgetting this consideration, the bike has a base made of technic pieces, where not only the wheels but also a couple of missile launchers are attached. The cockpit is quite impressive but, just as the turtle’s vehicle, it has no kind of handles for shredder. On the other hand the wheels are huge and the back one looks more with a tractor wheel than a bike.

The minifigures, on the other hand, look great, highly detailed, and two of them, the foot soldier and Donatello, appear on a few other sets but I think that shredder is exclusive of this one. For twenty five dollars, definitely in my opinion, there are more interesting options such as for instance the 79102 – Stealth shell in Pursuit.

Please have a look at additional pictures:

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