Lego 79018 – The Lonely Mountain

The Lonely Mountain is a new hobbit set that will hit stores in the end of the year. It is considerably big with exactly eight hundred and eighty six pieces and brings a big structure divided in two blocks with plenty of stuff to play with, including Smaug the Dragon (this is the first set with it…) and five mini-figures: Bilbo Baggins, Balin, Dwalin, Fíli and Kíli.

First of all, let me tell that I loved two things at the first glance: the set box which absolutely shows the huge potential in terms of playability and all the bunch of different colors that are present in the set with special relevance for the green and gold mix.

Looking at the left part, the set features a really nice forge with two levels. With ladders everywhere and a lot of weapons and accessories in every corner, it has, on top, a really nice winch that has the goal of feeding the big black catapult which seems the only way to fight back Smaug.

The throne is a bit less interesting in terms of playability however it keeps the same lines in terms of detail, colors and beauty. Upon a few ladders and below the big arch, the throne is built with many small pieces and definitely looks impressive. The long stickers together with the light blue brick made a good job this time!

Both parts, despite being stuck, can be easily separated, assuming multiple possible positions. Complementing all this and just for the fun, there is also a really nice golden island and a small brown box filled with precious stones. Finally a word for the mini-figures that not being particularly new are, as always, quite detailed.

With a planned release for the next month, the Lonely Mountain has absolutely plenty of arguments for being a success. The forge with the catapult is definitely the best part but Smaug together with the mini-figs give certainly a help in terms of playability. The worst part? Obviously the price, hundred and thirty bucks, which seems a little bit heavy for my wallet. Have a look at the gallery and enjoy!

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