Lego 79007 – The first HD pictures of The Black Gate (updated)

The Black Gate is a new 2013 Lord of the Rings set that will be released very soon, and there are also a few rumors that it is already on stores in some markets. This impressive set has a total of six hundred and fifty five pictures and besides the big black gate of Murdor, it has also a fearful black horse and a big eagle which is absolutely new and exclusive.

Talking about mini-figures, the fans will be presented with five characters: Gandalf the White, Aragorn, the Mouth of Sauron and two Mordoc Orcs. Unfortunately the pictures are not the best, yet, but through them we can have an idea that, if they are not totally new, at least there are some details that were surely rearranged.

The Black Gate is definitely mysterious, impressive and very big. Looking at it, through a front perspective, we can see that it opens widely in the middle, just like in the movie, the gunwales are completely sharp on top, and at the right the big tower has three levels including the top. It will surely be difficult to defeat the enemy.

But for that, there are a bunch of weapons, I would even say that every one of them has at least one thing to attack the enemy, after all we’re talking about an epic moment. There are swords, helmets and through the pictures we can see that there is something more in the tower.

In terms of building it is possible to see that there are predominantly black pieces, mixed with some gray shadows and a long red line. Unfortunately for the fans, most of the features are still a mystery, as well as the fortress interior. If you’re curious about the price, rumors talk about values around the seventy five dollars which looks fair for a Lord of the Rings set of this dimension.

Please have a look at the extended galley:

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