Lego 79003 Hobbits – An Unexpected Gathering

The Unexpected Gathering was the first known set of this new theme and it is basically the Bilbo Baggins hobbit hole, a small but very cozy house with plenty of nice details. The set recreates the scene where Thorin and Galdalf try to convince Baggins to join the fellowship to recover the lost mountain from Smaug.

The set, besides the nice building has also six great mini-figures that are Bilbo Baggins, Balin, Bombur and Bofur, Dwalin and the great Gandalf. Bag End is a nice Green House with a small garden at the front with plenty of nice vegetables. These guys have a good appetite for sure not only for the nice carrots but mostly because of what’s inside the house.

Outside there is also a nice bench, next to the main door,

and plenty of flowers everywhere. The entrance as you remember by the movie’s scenes or by the picture below is a small tiny little door in the middle surrounded by a round circle. All the garden’s fence is made of wood and it’s extremely detailed. Have a look for instance to the small brown gate; very nice indeed.

Inside, the scenery is even better. To increase to the playability the roof that has a considerable tree on the top, easily can be took off in order to increase the access and the playability, and honestly I have some difficult to choose where to start because the details are in considerable number.

There a big table with six nice seats and room for everyone to have a nice meal. Talking about food, look at the quantity and diversity of food and drink that table has. That fellowship is surely hungry. All  around the house we can also find a nice fire place, Bilbo’s desk with its nice red book, two shelf on both edges and even three maps (which are printed pieces) and even a chest to store a couple of tools.

Please enjoy the following galley and be prepared for the price: sixty dollars is how much it will cost on stores, next December.

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