Lego 7890 – Ambulance

This isn’t properly a new set, it is not even the beauty top, but for me it is special because it was my first ambulance which gladly joined my favorite fire headquarters, the 2007 model, Lego 7945. Don’t even try to compare it to the newest model, the 4431, because I guess that the only thing in common is the four wheels.

The vehicle isn’t big, fair away from that, it has a bit more than hundred pieces and it’s extremely easy to build. The set brings also a mini-figure (a paramedic) , an Oxygen tank and a heart rate machine. The only issue is definitely the lack of a second mini-figure that could be for instance a sick passenger.

In terms of features it has the basic of a medic vehicle, at the front the cab is sufficient large for a blue seat to driver but unfortunately it has no side doors. A small arch divides the cab from the back compartment which is long enough for the stretcher and the couple of additional tools mentioned before.

It’s not a vintage, far away from that, but the differences towards nowadays sets (this ambulance is from 2006) are definitely huge, especially in terms of aesthetic. Globally it still fills its purpose and is surely a great complement for my firemen headquarters. Please have a look at some additional pictures:

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