Lego City 7639 – Camper

The Camper is perhaps one of the most popular 2010’s city sets. Among so many police and fire vehicles, it is good to have a different vehicle with so many different features. The playability is very good and for less then twenty dollars you get a nice Camper vehicle, two mini-figures and plenty of accessories.

Inside, the camper has plenty of room. The cab has an ordinary structure with room for only one figure and two side doors. At the back a sort of crawl space, allows the access to the living area. The roof, this time is more that a simple piece (it is a sort of resting room) but is also removable to give a better access to the cabin.Behind, we have all the playability. The living room has plenty of features and both sides of the vehicle open independently through a couple of technical pieces.Inside there is room for a good meal, which includes two decent seats, a couple of mugs, a nice pan and a grill where some nice fish can be cooked. Oh, and there is also a nice wall flat TV.

The living room can easily be transformed in a bedroom or even to store the bicycle and the surf board, in case of storm. Above the cabin, there is a nice resting place, and if the seats are rearranged, there is also room for another bed. The grill and the fish can also be stored there.

If the two sides of the van are closed (both have windows) the vehicle’s structure still very solid because both sides are attached with a pin and a clip that gives a very good result, the doors won’t open surely. In the roof, there are special pieces that guarantee that the board and the bicycle are correctly attached. Finally, there’s a ladder at the back that gives a better access to the roof when it’s time to load or unload the vehicle.Globally this set is a must. For less than 20 dollars, you will surely not miss it. It is hard to find in stores but surely worth the effort. The nearest available set is the new 4435, car and camper, but the camper in this case is only the trailer. It is definitely a good addition to any town. If necessary, the instructions can be found right here:

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