Lego 76083 – Beware the Vulture

Beware the Vulture is a Marvel super heroes spider-Man home coming set that has been recently released. Despite the story or scenario that is behind these four characters, this set is absolutely great not only thanks to the figures but also because of the white truck and its hidden features.

As you can see through the pictures, the set shows four awesome mini-figures (iron-man, superman, the Shocker and finally the Vulture with its big green wing suit) with plenty of accessories and a small white truck with a fearful trunk and lots of nice but small details.Lego-76083-Beware-the-Vulture-super-heroes-marvel-3

I love this truck. With a normal look when everything is closed, it shows a usual front with a small hood and some nice stickers in multiple places. The cabin is also a bit naked but it seems to have the minimum: the usual steering wheel and a seat for the shocker. The roof can also be detached for a better access to the interior.

Right at the back, the fun begins! Once the roof and the back door are opened, a massive stud shooter, mounted on a small technic arm, rises from the interior, and assuming multiple positions, the six cannons will certainly give Vulture and its wing suit a very hard fight.Lego-76083-Beware-the-Vulture-super-heroes-marvel-2

Talking about the mini-figures, they are definitely an extra reason to achieve the set. On one hand it’s not easy to find four relevant characters in a single set and on the other, Vulture with its brick built suit is exclusive of this set. Globally, it’s a pretty interesting deal with plenty of playability with a retail price around the forty bucks. Enjoy it!

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